Our Team

Managerial Team

The Parker's management team is made up of a Board of Directors, highly experienced managerial personnel and renowned medical and pharmacy advisors who have demonstrated their abilities in accounting, research and development, pharmaceutical development, registration, manufacturing and commercialization. All have proven track rowygis with leading pharmaceutical companies and as a team a successful entrepreneurial history. The team brings to Parker's a broad, in-depth knowledge of drug development over a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Research Team

A research team with highly qualified, skillful and energetic personnel has been employed for conducting research on phytochemistry, quality assurance and control, bioassay, microbiology and pharmacology. Beside this, the research activities being managed by a group of dedicated experts, hard working professionals to undertake every step to maintain the quality of the products in order to serve the mankind at its best.

Marketing Team

At present we are marketing in the various parts of India specially in the Eastern parts along with North, North-East and Southern parts having potentiality of our products and are trying is explore new zones slowly but steadily depending upon suitability as may be found through regular market survey by our well trained field personnel for betterment of all. We do marketing through our representatives including Sales Manager, Deputy Sales Manager, Area Managers and Medical Representatives, The marketing is planned and controlled by the Marketing Co-ordinator at Kolkata. The products are executed through Stockiest at Assam, Jharkhand, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. The manufactured items are sent from the factory to the Stockiest. Thus our annual growth rate is satisfactory with respect to Indian pharmaceutical market growth rate.

Further our aim is to venture in the neighbouring countries as soon as we can with both of our division viz., Synthetic and Herbal with our precious reputation maintaining marketing ethics.