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Sunscreen Gel

The Parker's Sunscreen protects your precious skin.


Each gram contains extracts of:

  • Aloe vera Juice(Aloevera)-Protection from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays.(30 mg).
  • Cucumber Extract(Cucumis Sativus)-Provides astringent and cooling effect on the skin.(10 mg)
  • Tomato Juice(Solanum lycopersicum)-Contains specific carotenid lycopene, which helps to remove redness and rashes.(20 mg)
  • Carrot(Daucus carota)-Beta carotenoid and vitamin A of carot act as antioxidant, drains toxin from skin created by UV-A and UV-B rays.(20 mg)
  • Apple Juice(Malus domestica)-It's phenolic compounds also act against UV rays .(20 mg)

In gel based

  • it protects the skin from harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • it removes tan, protects from sunburn.
  • it prevents premature ageing, keeps the skin healthy and bright.
  • makes the skin tone light.
  • a deep skin moisturiser.

  • 70 g Tube, SPF 25


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