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Neem Tulsi


Neem – Tulsi Face Wash consists of neem extract that contains Anti Bacterial and Anti Fungal, Nimbolite, Nimbidin, Coercitin and Beta- Citosterol and pain relief elements that kills harmful bacteria and fungus. It helps to remove dark spots; pimples from the skin, thus making skin tone lighter and smoother.

Neem – Tulsi Facewash consists of fresh Tulsi leaves extract that contains organic elements like Flavonoids and Beta- Caryophyllene , Ocimumoside A & B, Eugenol which is Anti Bacterial, Anti Oxidant and pain reliever. It penetrates deeply into the pores and prevents skin from bacteria, fungus infection. Tulsi extract moisturizes, smoothens, and brightens skin, giving a lively effect.

  • It is made up from natural material, thus prohibits no side effects.
  • Deeply penetrates into the pores and cleanse skin, removes excess oil and dirt.
  • Moisturizes skin and prevents from being dry and rough.
  • Keeps skin naturally glowing and prevents from pimples.

  • 70 g Tube


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