• Aloe Face Wash
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Aloe Face Wash

Best Ayurvedic Herbal Aloe Vera Face Wash for Oily and Dry Skin, Acne for Men & Women

Makes your skin clean, fresh and brighten.

Uniqueness of Parker's Aloe Face Wash
  • Aloe Face Wash helps to cleanse the skin and its pores. It removes excess oiliness the making the skin clear and soft.
  • the skin appears clean after washing giving a deep clean feeling
  • oil free, scientifically tested with no side effects.
  • it deep cleansing action of this face wash gently prevents skin problems such as blackheads.
  • its natural formula with Aloe vera and cucumber maintains the skin's natural pH
  • increases resistance of the skin naturally against pollution

  • Aloe vera gel : 200 mg
  • Neem leaf extract : 5 mg
  • Cucumber extract : 5 mg
  • Orange peel oil : 5 mg
  • Honey : 5 mg

  • 70 g Tube


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